Sunday, August 30, 2015

Awkward moments.....I skate waaaay too much

I've started wearing hip pads while planning for the day when my coach, Miss Bianca, has me do back threes 'touch free'. To wear hip pads (from I wear a pair of capri tights under my skating pants, and slip the pads between my skin and tights. I like to do it this way since I can move the pad around on my hip to cover just the right place.

So, as Miss Bianca and I get off the ice and sit down, the booting up area is empty, and  I unconsciously reach down inside my waistband and pull one pad out...those things get hot after a while. Then I look up. There's a man now sitting in the booting up area, giving me a 'funny look'.

I realize, too late, that oh, yeah, this was public skate not freestyle. I look at Miss Bianca and she gives a 'don't worry about it' shrug.

WTH. Miss Bianca and I continue our conversation and I face away from the man to pull the other one out.

Then today, I had a major fall and didn't have my pads in because it's a hassle to go into the ladies to put them in and take them out. My hip still hurts.

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