Sunday, August 16, 2015

The Great Katelyn Crash of 2015

So a coach I slightly know was telling a tale of a skating accident that had happened on ice to a group of us adult skaters. She has an adult student we'll call Katelyn that all of us adult skaters know and admire. Katelyn is the best adult skater at the rink.

"Last week," she began, "Katelyn had an accident on ice. Katelyn was just wild and out of control, and skating too fast, she slammed into the other skater, Katelyn and the other skater had to be taken off the ice since she'd broken a tooth, fortunately it wasn't too bad. Katelyn ended up with a bruised jaw and a scrape on the leg."

"Wait," I said, "Katelyn got injured. Is that why she's not here tonight?"

"No, Katelyn's not injured she's on a family trip."

"Wait, you just said Katelyn was injured."


"And that she was skating out of control. That doesn't sound like Katelyn."

"Right." The light went off in the coach's head, "Oh, it's not our Katelyn, it's the other Katelyn, who was slammed into by yet another Katelyn."

Katelyn, Caitlyn, Kaitlynn.  The poor coach even has two skaters named Katelyn--spelled different ways.

For God's Sake Parents stop naming your daughters all the same name!


  1. Are you sure it one wasn't Caitlyn Jenner?

    1. Ha ha. I just picked the name out of the air for a pseudonym for the skaters, now I know why it popped into my head