Thursday, July 30, 2015

Pat Yourself on the Back...on Ice

Here's the deal. It often seems that there's 4389 things to learn in figure skating and I know 12.

That's the effect of only looking forward at the things I don't know and never look back at the things I do know.

I realized the other day, that as long as I only look forward, it seems I'll never get to the end. I'll always be disappointed with my skating because there will only be things that I need to learn.

What about things I know? Why don't they count?

This came to mind the other day when I realized that for weeks I had been doing progressives--good progressives--without thought. They were as natural as stroking.

And speaking of stroking, my double knee bend is just fine thank you very much.  

This time last year I couldn't spin to save my life. Now I'm doing it with ease and without hesitation.

I've got killer crossovers. My three turns are solid. I'm seriously working on skills that I wouldn't do 6 months ago.

I'm progressing.

I bet you are too.

Go For It!