Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Ready for a Challenge?

These boots are the ultimate in skating bling. The fact that they are black boots for a woman ice dancer make them even more amazing. Breaking traditions for the sake of art. Really. Amazing. Boots.

And they look beautiful from any angle. ANY ANGLE.

Are you ready for the challenge? Can you top these boots?

I can imagine you at home going:

You sure?


Here goes!

Did I not say they were AMAZING FROM ANY ANGLE!

Are you ordering a gross of crystals and super strong glue yet? Because I think these are fantastic!


  1. Oh they are really truly special!

    I wish I had the skating prowess to wear boots like that. I will always look like a try hard wannabe - sigh!

  2. Yeah me too. You better have damn good footwork with bling like that down there. Those are really sweet though. You gonna do that Babette?

    1. I can't get my leg up high enough to show off the bottom of my boots! :)