Sunday, April 20, 2014

Too Much Southern Exposure---on Ice

Miss Bianca and I were taking our boots off after lesson yesterday, when Miss Bianca put one foot up on top of the other knee and oops...
"You have a tear in your crotch." I said.

She shrugged. "Well, it was just freestyle."

I nodded. Yes, it's all girls, or boys too young to care, or  men who've learned not to notice women's crotches when they're skating as it's too distracting.

Then today I went skating on public and reached down to my pocket. My hand brushed against my pant's leg and I felt a tear. I looked and my bright pink capri pants underneath my skating pants were shining through a ripped seam like a light bulb.

Is there like a demon of torn pants in the rink? A Genii Locurem Lucerum Braca? Soooo annoying.

How I'd feel if this happened in High School

Now, at 62.
Why did I have to wear pink underneath?

Anyway, it's annoying but not worth getting off the ice for!


  1. Miss 9 to me when a similar thing happened to her just prior to a lesson: "it's OK Mum, I'm wearing dark undies". Righto!

    Guess who researched the retro-fitting if a gusset into leggings when we got home?

  2. I switched to leggings for skating when I hooked my blade in my track pants doing a backspin and pulled them about halfway down my rear trying to free the blade before I decided I had to fall (or else pull the pants all the way down...)

    I really hate falling, so it was a tough choice.