Wednesday, April 2, 2014


I'm helping an elderly friend move into assisted care and she's cleaning out her closets. She has decades of unfinished sewing projects, clothes that date to the 60's and what I call the "Big Box of Bad Costume Jewelry".

On her behalf I've made innumerable trips to the Goodwill, her storage unit, and packed, packed, packed.

Once I sorted out a bright red cape for the Goodwill and casually said, "This would make a fun skating costume."

It's now mine.

And a white cape from the 70's, and some stretchy red fabric. My friend would start chortling, "Try this on! Can you skate in this?" Since it was going to the Goodwill anyway, if it would work, I took it when offered. Sadly, much of her material was pre-stretchy fabric and unsuitable for skating. Somewhere, someone is coming across some spectacular fabric in the Goodwill crafts section. They're not making costumes out of it though, because that kind's mine, all mine!

This has now become my life. I judge things not on how they would look while dating, or at work, but how they would look skating.

Plus, I've done a good deed and got a little reward!

The cape looks great when I twirl!

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