Monday, April 28, 2014

In Lesson

Those of my readers who are new to skating may have missed the horrendous faux pas I did when I skated past my coach with intent to distract.  If you haven't learned this yet, you never interrupt a coach "in lesson."

Technically, I didn't interrupt. I attempted to distract which is borderline faux pas. But I was so excited! I had my change edge mohawks! As I said, I acted like a five year old.
When I get a skill!
Anyway, coaches don't always skate next to their student. Sometimes they lean against the boards, or stroke around without a student nearby. What marks a coach 'in lesson' is the stare.
So, if the coach is staring across the rink, but you can't figure out which person is their student, but you want to chat, just ask, "Are you in lesson?" And if they are, you just skate away.

Anyway, when I skated past my coach's vision, I gave her a chance to see me (coaches have the amazing ability to spot all their students on ice when they're coaching someone) so not really breaking the 'in lesson' rule. Since she didn't react, maybe she expected something better!


  1. Excitement and enthusiasm should always be rewarded. Especially so when we are talking about Mohawks.

  2. I was too busy looking up what a Change Edge Mohawk was...

  3. I never attempt to distract my coach when she's in lesson with the skater who's lesson is before mine. I can skate right by her but her gaze never wavers from the target of interest. I don't even say "hello", I just keep warming up. I figure the meter is running and it's the other student's nickle.