Saturday, April 19, 2014

Power Pulls

Miss Bianca's coach markers are now weeping in sadness. I am past the stage where she needs to draw stuff on the ice.
"We'll never mark the ice for Babbette again..."
Today we started on power pulls. Since I have limited power, lets call them edge pulls (which appears to be the older name).

"We'll do power pulls today," Miss Bianca said cheerfully.

"I'm too fat," I said. "My knees will never take it."

Miss Bianca laughed that off. "We'll start with a two foot slalom."

So I did a two foot slalom, putting my weight on the skating foot and just brushing the ice then lifted the foot. I'm supposed to go down in the knee, then up, repeat. My problem, I get the upsie and the downsie reversed.

However, I had  two actual real pulls. You can say that two out of 40 tries is a start.  I consider it pure luck.

Then we tried them backwards.
Yeah, I had to work on my back slaloms. Why? Stupid adult sideness issues.   My left side is stronger than my right and we spent the last few minutes actually fixing that.

Not looking forward to backwards power pulls.

Still, glad to be back taking lessons today!


  1. I find the power pulls backwards so much easier than forward. Get some speed and momentum behind you and you'll be surprised how easy they are. Good luck!!!

  2. After the differing areas of focus in adult vs. standard track testing, I like to call mine "continuous flow and strength pulls." And even that's more a goal than descriptive of the reality.