Saturday, April 12, 2014

Spring Break at the Ice Rink

Yeah, baby, yeah! Summer publics are here!

Summer public.

After 3 weeks off ice, I finally get back on the ice and it's wonderful. The first nice day of spring. People are on spring break and the only people on the ice are a coach with a student, me, the ice dance couple and the rink guard.

This rink normally doesn't have a guard even on heavy winter skates. It was amusing to watch him tool around with no one but experienced skaters to keep in line.
"Anyone need any help? Anyone?...Anyone?"

All I did was lap skating to get my edges back. That's a bit like this:
It almost put me to sleep.

Then about 30 minutes after the session started, the ice tourists showed up. It wasn't long until the little boys started slamming into each other. Fortunately, their blades make so much noise it's easy to avoid them.
METAPHORICALLY I'm the one in white.

Anyway, I'm back! Didja miss me?

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