Saturday, April 26, 2014

Back Stroking

I have what is probably typical adult learner fear of stroking backwards and back edges. Problem? I hunch forward, don't point my toes, don't push with enough power,  helicopter with my arms and finally and most important....

I don't do this
It's the fear of slamming into someone else and falling; or being slammed into by someone that keeps me from practicing laps backwards.
 So my fear and poor skills has me about here at the beginning of the lesson.

But Miss Bianca makes me fix my arms, and improving my pushes, and body position. So by the middle of the lesson, I'm about here:
Then she corrects some more and by the end of the lesson I'm here:
There will be weeks of lessons backwards before I get used to this. I just hope summer publics are empty enough for me to practice!

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