Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Welcome to the Pros Room

So your coach mysteriously appears on the ice or in the booting up area. Boots on, ready to skate.

You're puzzled.

You didn't see the coach come in and put on boots. Where did the coach come from?

The pro's room.

It where coaches go to change, store their gear, and ....well, get away from students. That means you.

It's the ice rink version of the Teacher's Lounge. You know, the place where students Do.Not.Go.

I was invited inside one once, to pick up some stuff I'd left in someone's car.

You know, I expected this:
I thought coaches would get treated with respect by management

But really it's more like this!
Except, it was more stinky!


  1. I was invited in once, to warm up my toes by the space heater. Not a very pleasant space, but most likely way better than a hockey locker room.

    1. Our "pros room" is just a hockey locker room. Low-budget rinks for the win...

  2. Ours is neither...just a cramped, stinky place. But hell, to get away from the kiddos, I'd give anything to lace up in there. In the summers, my morning freestyle is before their summer day camp. But all the kids are already there, playing off ice. Their crap is EVERYWHERE! And it's so noisy. ugh.