Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Youngling Works on His Axel (Updated)

Back in October, my coach, his young male student (Youngling) working on his axel and I were the only people on the ice during the last freestyle of the day.

I had put this dramatic movie music on my iPhone on the speakers for the kid because he. must. skate. with. music. I guess his life needs a sound track.

The music fit perfectly with his lesson, building and falling with each attempt and failure. I wondered if it affected his skating from an emotional perspective. He just couldn't land his axel off harness.  

A hockey boy stepped in tennis shoes onto the ice, and the student snapped at him "Get off the ice!" So tension was high and building--just as the music was at a tense and profound moment. I skated over and shut the gate so no one else would come in.

I know this kid, I really want him to get his axel. So for the last 5 minutes I sat in the music box, so he wouldn't even have me on the ice to distract him out of the corner of his eye. It was just him and the coach.

And while I was waiting, I glanced across the ice. There must have been 20 people in the stands and others clustered against the glass, staring at him as if they were watching a movie. I could see the music affecting their expressions, and posture. He would go up, they would take a breath; and he would fall, their shoulders would slump.

Too bad the student never got his axel. It would have made a great movie--music and all.

(Youngling got his axel March 2013)


  1. I certainly find that music effects my skating--and sometimes not in a positive way. The other day I had my iPod shuffle on (I have a mixture of music ranging from Argentine tango to pop)while I was practicing consecutive back inside edges. I finally had to turn it off in order to concentrate on getting a decent push. Don't know how that bodes when I later start attempting dance. Perhaps I don't have the musicality to skate and chew gum at the same time. I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.

  2. I hate hate hate when spectators watch freestyle...I'm all paranoid they're watching me...and laughing. I just don't skate as well when I think people might be watching me.