Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Snap Crackle Pop!

The right knee is getting scary.

The exercise routines I'm using are doing some good. Although I'm pain free for 30 minutes to an hour after my exercise, and I can feel that my knee is improving, it's too slow. I've got immediate problems.

Today while I was standing in line, I turned to speak to someone and my right knee buckled. Fortunately, my left leg is almost back to normal, so using 'figure skater reflexes' I was able to stay upright, otherwise I would have had to grab a complete stranger.

And he wasn't cute.

My knee made a really obvious 'snap' when it happened. People turned and stared.
Usually the 'snapping' sound is harmless; it's a ligament slipping over a bone, but combined with the buckling, I don't think it's harmless. Today I felt I'd given the knee enough of a chance. I'm making an appointment and getting the Synvisc injections. It will only last a few months, but that may give me enough of a 'fix' to get my weight down a few pounds and give the exercises time to build up my knee strength.


  1. I'm so sorry to hear that your knee's not gotten better. I hope the injections help and enable you to get back on the ice soon!

  2. I'm just losing weight - for interest as much as anything, and because I want to look graceful and swan-like on the rink with my (not-so) perfect extensions. And because with the new fast/5:2 diet it actually seems to work and not mess with your life. I've lost ~7 lb so far, and it really hit me when I picked up a large bottle of water, how much weight that really means, and how much extra stress that must be for the knees (mine are also a little dodgy).