Sunday, January 27, 2013

Invisible Toepick!

Remember "The Cutting Edge"?  If people have seen only one figure skating movie, that was it. And I know a respectable number of grown men who saw it. Any non-skater who's seen it all ask,

"How do you keep from tripping off those toepicks?"

Excuse me? Do forward falls not happen in other places? Other sports? Or is it always due to invisible toepicks?
Skateboarding: Invisible Toepick!
Biking: Invisible Toepick! 
Walking on the Beach: INvisible Toe Pick!
Soccer: Toepick!
Even the animal kingdom--that is not know for wearing skates:
I meet men women who skate in hockey skates because "I'm afraid of tripping on the toepicks."  I guess they think they're safer.
The great Bobby Hull does NOT catch a toepick.
Hockey skates must be safe!

Ditto: No toepicks here either
Complete safety.

No toepick here either--
Nothing to see here--move along
Strangely, I could not find one single picture outside of "The Cutting Edge" of someone tripping on a toepick!


  1. I took a private lesson from one of the stunt skaters from that movie. Colin Vanderveen. He spent way too much time showing off for the miniature ice princesses and not enough time earning his fee for my lesson. If a glossy eyed 10 year old girl asks, "Colin, will you do a triple salchow for us" and you're giving a lesson, the correct response is, "not now, I'm giving a lesson." NOT "sure" and off you go, leaving me standing there, paying for this glory.

    1. I hope you pointed out to him after the lesson that he owed you time for when he skated away to show off. I hate when people interrupt my lesson!

  2. Toepeeeek! My coach has said that to me before. When I was first learning BO3s, I had a talent for launching myself over the toepick on the exit edge.

    But no, the toepick is far from the cause of most of my falls.

  3. He he he... Not too long after passing Intermediate MITF, just leisurely warming up with forward stroking ... tooooepeeek! ... and broken ribs :P


  4. Toe pick falls, though rare, do happen to be my worst falls. They emerge from the least expected scenario.

    That Cutting Edge clip was... LOL

  5. *snickers at that video*

    The only time I tripped over my toepick was when I walked on the rubber mats!

  6. *snickers at video*

    The only time I fell from my toepick was when I walked on rubber mats!

  7. I believe this fall is from a toe-pick (no other good explanation for it...)

    I've toe-pick fallen before and those falls suck. I broke a rib on one of them. Though that wasn't at all my worst fall, worst fall was catching an edge while doing a mohawk.