Sunday, January 13, 2013

Types of Coaches

I skate freestyle at several rinks. I've observed a lot of coaches, here are some of the more common types I've seen.

The Skating Director
The Cute Male Dance Coach
His harem of adult female ice dancers

The Screamer

The Coach who knows how to comfort a skater,
who just failed a test 
The Coach who holds the skater's attention 

The young, cute coach who's really, really good with kids in group

The coach who hates having anyone on the ice,
except his skater
Your Coach Showing You How


  1. Oh my gosh. The Screamer looks so much like a coach at one of my rinks, it's scary!!

    1. It's the tiny balled up fists that make that picture...also the drool. Hope the coach you know doesn't drool that much. It would scare even me!

  2. Love the photos! So cute! There's this new coach at our rink who I can't really describe well... she's very flamboyant to the point where I feel like she's always showing off to the whole rink even when she's just teaching her one skater. She's not a screamer though, I don't think any of the coaches I've seen are.

  3. I know all of them. *cries*

    Seriously... even though the top ice dance coach is 60-ish, he's like Alan Rickman, smooth and sexy. I haven't seen his whole harem of ice dancers, though.