Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Wearing a Costume

[Just some filler while I work on the pronation posts]

Russian for the day:
Ang-yel Smer-tchi--The Angel of Death. Not likely to come up in conversation, is it?

A few weeks ago Coach Amazing asked me to come to her rink to reprise my role as Death (short, cute Death) in her rink's spring ice show. So I was explaining this to Dance Coach. "I have to skate in this horrible mask." I said. "When you were in Disney on Ice did you have to skate in a mask?"

There was a long pause. Then in a low voice Dance Coach said solemnly, "You wouldn't believe the things I've skated in."

Maybe as a wish?

As a Dish?

Or a  fish?

Anyway, I'm not asking. (Although rink rumor is he was a Prince to Snow White.)


  1. I'd love to see your death costume!
    I've only been in one show with a theme. I was in one number where we did an ice dance in relatively normal outfits.

    And then I was in a freeskate number:
    I'm the blue fish on the end.
    (The better skaters had 2 costume changes within the number- they were also in Aladdin and Lion King. The show theme was Oscar winners, or something like that- we were the 90s.)

    1. Those are pretty good costumes. They have a real piscine quality to them. But what's with the Cowboy? (Mind you I haven't gone to a Disney movie in 30 years)

      I have to start working on my Death costume. But I'm waiting until I see Coach Capades to get clearance on her ideas.

    2. Cowboy? Are you referring to the red suit? That's Sebastian the crab. The hat has eyes on it- and she has crab claws.

      The coach who did the number made most of the costumes himself- he is now doing costumes, has done some gorgeous dresses, but specializes in men's competition wear. I think he just does local right now- we have some very well dressed boys at our rink.

    3. HA ha ha on me! I thought the crab was wearing a jacket with lapels!

    4. Those fish costumes are too cool! I love the jellyfish...

      Also it would be great to know what the dance coach was skating as... Just because that would be hilarious!

  2. I think the crab IS wearing a jacket with lapels, actually...