Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Too Big Boot--A Temp Fix

Padawan, learn from my experience. How to handle a boot that just doesn't quite fit.

I have irregular feet. There's the left, or fat foot. And there's the right, the slim cute foot. I get fitted for boots that fit the fat foot, but once I start breaking them in the right boot becomes just a tiny bit too big for the cute foot. Since I buy Jackson skates that are heat moldable, after a couple of go rounds I can get the boots to fit perfectly so I don't need to buy custom boots. The problem is what do I do in the mean time?

Ah, Padawan, the force is with you.

It's actually pretty easy. If the boot is properly fitted in length and only just a tiny bit too wide and too deep,  all you need to do is put an extra insole underneath the regular insole. This pushes your foot up into the boot so your foot is set just right.

I don't like to do this except as a temporary solution. But it takes me six to eight weeks to get in to see my skate tech, so I need just that little extra padding to keep me going.

If you feel you need the padding in both probably need to get boots that fit.

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  1. This was the nice thing about ballet. I just bought two different sizes of pointe shoes, one for the right foot, one for the left foot. Then I got two pairs :)