Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Underwear No No

So over on Xanboni, Xan wrote a post about skaters who wear their granny pants under their costume pants and they show.

I'm talking about something else entirely.

Xan was writing about girls in performance costumes, for competition. I'm writing about older teens who like to skate in skating dresses for group lessons or public skate. These are not skaters in competitions. These are kids who want to look like skaters. To save this group embarrassment I'm going to make a firm rule. I will now deploy my Duluth MN accent.


I was reminded of this last week when I attended the dress code committee at work. I am the only woman of 150 female employees who still wears pantyhose to work.  This means not only is there an entire generation of young girls who don't understand when not to wear them; their MOTHERS don't know when not to wear them.

Young ladies and mothers, here's the trick. Nothing is supposed to extend below the panty of the skating skirt. Not the regular panties (I see this a lot in small girls), no pantyhose (I see this in teens). The dark part of the pantyhose is the actual 'panty' part of the hose. MUST NOT SHOW. No wearing of the panty hose under de skating dress!

No no, no the panty line must not show.

But what about tights? 

I suppose you can wear tights, but only if they're the kind that are made so that you don't see the panty on the thighs. But really, just give it up. Buy skating tights. 

If you want to look pulled together, go to a dance store and get some dance or skating tights. Order them from Amazon. Just don't wear pantyhose. Save that for work.

If you don't want to look silly on public session (especially if you're wearing rental skates), wear what the real skaters wear; they wear athletic clothes.

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