Sunday, February 26, 2012

Yet another pause

I've been here all day.
But later this week I plan to start my string of posts on fixes for pronation.

Yep I got it, and I got it bad. But I'm now skating on skates with the blades right down the center, and without any expensive orthotics either.

I think it's worthwhile for an adult skater to take a stab at fixing their own pronation before going to expensive orthotics or blade adjustments. I had expensive orthotics, and blade adjustments until after a lucky happenstance, I had to develop my own fix. It's a 3 step program, but it's a lot cheaper than orthotics and a lot less stressful on the boots than offsetting the blades. 

So, I'll post my personal solution, and I look forward to hearing about yours.

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