Monday, February 20, 2012

The Boot Fix--Right!

Just a brief little note. I went to freestyle Sunday and tried several fixes for the too loose right boot. I finally have the right boot fixed. Here's what it took:

1. In the toe of the boot, layer 1, a gel pad under the toes. This started out as a heel pad for ladies shoes. A little cutting and it was perfect.
2. In the forefoot of the boot, layer 2, the front half of a cheap neoprene insole. It fits above the gel pad, and ends about halfway up the boot footbed. About the middle of the arch in fact.
3. Finally the insole. A nice Superfeet skate insole.
4. Gel tube over the heel
5. Tie the hooks on the shaft really tight. I may need a lace puller.
Voila! Perfect! Solid as a rock and my foot doesn't hurt (much) either!
At this point I'm hesitant to go back to my fitter and get the boots remolded. That would entail yet another round of fixes. Why mess with perfection?
Don't mess with Perfection! It will explode in your face!


  1. Glad you figured it out. I wouldn't go back to the fitter- you have it the way you want already.

    (I don't ever think we played perfection the way it was meant to be played. We set it up as a bomb, and the 'agents' had to find it before the city exploded...)

    1. I don't know how I missed this game. I guess I was too old in the 70s to play it. It has everything. Small pieces that can choke and kill. Explosions of small pieces all over the house so you never have a perfect set. And a mechanical doohickey that will fail in 6 months.
      What better game could there be?

    2. We go to mom-and-pop indoor miniature golf course place that has a couple of the Perfection games - my daughter gets a kick out of it. I remember playing it in the late 70s. I thought "Super Perfection" was even more fun - 32 pieces where you had to find the mate for each piece to make a cube about about 1 1/4" on a side. If the thing "popped" before you were done, it sounded almost like breaking glass as the plastic pieces crashed down again. I remember the feeling of dread as the timer would slow down its ticking as it got very close to the release point.

      On the boots - I agree. If it's working well now, don't mess with it.