Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Jan 2: Just a little Practice Session

What with the Federal Holiday I zipped down to the rink and got some ice time in. I was doing okay for the first half hour laying down the Rhythm Blues and Canasta Tango patterns, then some little girl did a lunge right out of my blind side while I was in a FI swing roll. That rattled me. Another six inches and the both of us would have been splattered on the ice.

After that it was a carnival of adult skating. Coach X showed up, also The Only Skater Older Than Me, Helmet Guy, Hockey Guy, Hockey Guy's Friend, and a couple of other adults that I know. Every one wanted to chat as I orbited around the ice so I gave up doing patterns and just did some foot work in between chat sessions.  My mohawks are solid and consistent. What a relief. I've been focusing on dance so much I haven't done them in weeks.

Helmet Guy and I caught up what's happened over the winter. He had an accident on ice last year and hit his head. He's now sensibly wearing a skateboarding helmet to protect him in jumps.  Right now he's developed some big--let me correct that--huge waltz jumps since I saw him last.  He has everything but the check out. (Sort of like my FI3s.)  He told me he wants to skate every day, but life keeps getting in the way. I had to agree. We had both signed up for evening sessions and missed all but one or two.

You know you're at the rink too much when on your way out, you stop at the cashier and she says "I know, you want to renew your public skate card," before you can open your mouth.

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