Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sunday Funnies: Lady Coach vs. Gentleman Coach

I've had a number of women coaches and one male coach. They really are different.

Every single woman coach would let me fall. They didn't even step in to steady me. "My goodness," they'd exclaim as I'm crawling up from the ice, "You're a slow faller." (I tilt, and get some hang time and then fall. I think it's telekinesis).

Dance Coach? I show even the tiniest bit of wobble, he gets a panicked look on his face and moves to be ready if I fall.  It's sweet, like he's ready to catch his grandmother falling down the steps. "Boh zhe moy," he'll swear under his breath.

Female coach--you're on your own. Male coach--you're his responsibility.

I'm sure he wishes there was a handle sometimes.

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