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Lake Placid Adult Skate Camp Part III--Facilities (updated_2017)

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The Rinks: There are two rinks usually used for the adult classes: The USA rink and the 1980 rink. The dressing room is between the two rinks. When you sign up for the program, make sure you get a locker. It's only $10 and really saves you a lot of effort hauling your skates around. The Locker Rooms seemed to be reserved for adults. The only time I saw a kid skater in there was when one came in to sit with her mother who was an adult skater.


The Miracle on Ice: It's all over the place. There's even a museum in the facility. If you like hockey history, you'll enjoy it.

Other People at the facility: Adult Skate Camp is just one of several activities taking place at the facility. The following is historical {There's a kids skating camp going on at the same time. In 2008 there was also a hockey camp going on,  There are also tourists and tour guides going through.} Due to early school start dates in  ~2014, there's fewer teenage and kid skaters or synchro teams. In 2016 I didn't see any hockey or synchro camps, and very, very few kids. When you show up, what you see is what you get. In 2016, there were plenty of hours to skate.

Off-Ice Facilities:  They offer a lot of off-ice classes. Most of the attendees were from the kids classes, but adults still show up, but in limited numbers. There's Pilates and Yoga and other skating focused classes. For most of these off-ice classes all that's needed is a big open room. If there are weight lifting facilities, I don't know about them. There's also an outdoor trampoline for jump training. You won't know what they're offering until you get there. Look around and sample to see what you like.

Overall:  It's a big commercial facility with lots of hallway and stairs, expect to get lost several times your first day there. Although there are elevators, you'll find it faster to go up and down the stairs. I recommend leaving your skates in your locker. I didn't know about the lockers the first time, and I exhausted myself hauling my skates around.

Skate Bags:  I flew in, so I didn't bring my Zuca. I don't remember seeing any adults with Zucas because of the lockers. In fact if you keep your stuff in a locker, a Zuca is just another thing to worry about. I kept my stuff in a locker, and sometimes carried a small bag   around with me to hold phone, tickets, schedule, a book etc.  I also kept my credit card case with me at all times in a zipped pocket in my jacket even while skating. I think I'm the only one who did that.

Pro shop:  There's a skating shop across the street from the rinks. It has a stock of stuff you might need (soakers, guards, tights etc) at very reasonable prices.
There's a gift shop that offers jackets etc. It doesn't carry skating gear.
I don't know the status of the skate sharpener.  There used to be one, but I always have my blades touched up a couple of weeks before I go, so I've never needed to look him up.

What to do, other than skate: Shop. Lots of good shops. There's a boat tour of the lake. Eat. Fall exhausted into bed at the end of the day.

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  1. Hullo there! Your LP posts were recommended to me by a few fellow adult skaters, and I now totally understand why. Thank you SO. MUCH. for such comprehensive, helpful recaps! You definitely helped sway my decision to sign up for the June weekend last night, and now I am just frothy with excitement all over again. :)