Thursday, January 5, 2012

Too Tired To Type

Sorry, just got in from group where I was learning back 3s. Don't have the energy for the second Lake Placid Adult skate camp post. It will need to wait until tomorrow.

Back threes are the spawn of the devil. And everyone knows that heavy metal bands are the spawn of the devil. Therefore, back threes are a heavy metal band.

I want to Shout at the Devil! for Back threes.
I need to get a motley crew of coaches to help  me!
This gentleman skated with Jennifer Wester on Skating with the Stars, and coincidentally, I met Jennifer when she was coaching at Lake Placid Adult Skate Camp. See, I'm still on topic.


  1. I'm just starting to work on BO3's and I'm terrified!

  2. I look forward to many weeks of torture. If it's anything like my F3's it will be a long, long time to do a back 3.