Monday, January 23, 2012

Skater Emergency Preparedness--Useful Stuff

There's some things I've found useful; Even though I don't need them often, when I need them, I really, really need them.  This is a hangover mindset from my horse show days plus 30 years in the military with 'be prepared to deploy within 3 hours' bags. When I lived in a small town in the Mojave desert, every time I left town I had water and food in the car plus a pair of hiking boots. When I lived in Minnesota, I had a bag of sand, winter boots, and a shovel in the trunk from October to March. Yes, I'm 'that kind of person'.  I'm the one that plans how to survive disasters.  However, the only disasters I have at the rink are my attempts at Choctaws, still, I plan ahead.

Useful Stuff

1. A Screwdriver for the skate bag.  In 4 years of skating, I've needed to tighten one screw, but it's nice to have. My skate tech usually tightens the screws as part of my sharpenings, so they don't have a chance to get loose. Other people, with other stresses on the skates may need to test their screws more often.

2. An icebag in the car. Yes a genuine, screw top rubber icebag, not one of those things you put in the freezer or a ziploc bag. With an icebag you can always put ice in it, over and over. With one of those things you put in the freezer, you have to use it in a specific amount of time, or carry a freezer in the car.  When I broke my ankle I had to use a plastic bag with ice in it that the rink gave me. It dripped all over my friend's car and slid around on my leg. An icebag with a fabric cover stays where it's put and doesn't drip.

3. Colored facial tissue. When you go on the ice and pull out a tissue, it's nice if they're tinted. That way if you unknowingly drop one on the ice, other skaters can spot it. You can find these in drug stores, but it takes some looking. I like the pink.

4.  Over the counter pain killers. I don't need a whole bottle, just a few tablets in a pill case. If I  take a bad fall, I take one right away.

5.  A stone for the blade to take out nicks.

6.  A nail clipper with file.

7. Toothbrush and toothpaste. In case I have a dance lesson after lunch.

8. Blister pads or callus cushions.

9. Hand or foot moisturizer.

10. Old pieces of insoles for patching. (I actually had a nail come up through an insole once.)

11. A $20 bill.

Everyone should have an emergency kit, not just in the skate bag

If you're interested in preparing for a real emergency, there's good advice at


  1. Plasters (commonly known as band aids on your side of the pond, I think!).