Sunday, January 1, 2012

Sunday Funnies: Useless Skate Bag Stuff

My skating resolution for 2012 is to get a choctaw and a counter, AND get the useless stuff out of my skate bag.

I keep 2 backup blade rags rolled up in  the bottom of a pocket of the bag, just in case I forget  the main one--of which there are two. 

I have a pair of scissors in the bag. Once upon a time, I needed to open something away from home and I needed scissors. Somehow they migrated to the skate bag, just in case I need to open something again before I die.

$1.72 in change (US) and a loonie. 

Bandaids. In case I ever get that catch foot spiral--at 60.

Pink bismuth tablets. In case I ever eat rink food.

A package of pre-cut duct tape. Technically this is not useless. They say can you do anything with duct tape, I just never do.

A sewing kit. Why I carry this I don't know. If I rip something unrevealing, I'll just duct tape it up or skate in it as is. If I split my pants, I'll go home. Why, why do I carry this?

A small flashlight.  Just in case there's an earthquake and the power goes out. Why, yes, I've lived through earthquakes in California....and Nevada...and Virginia. 

I'm starting to turn into my mother, or everyone's mother, with backup plans upon backup plans. Silly isn't it?

500 miles from Canada, and I have a loonie.
That's .....wait for it.....loony.


  1. Scissors are great for cutting bandages. They're particularly useful when breaking in boots. They are also good for cutting out practice ice coupons at rinks that use those.

    Sewing kit is better than Duck Tape for attaching buttons and small costume decorations.

    Also, spare laces!

  2. Scissors? Breaking in boots? You're going to have to teach me that one. Never heard of it.