Saturday, December 26, 2015

The Return of 'Craig' the turn spotting tool

Anyone remember 'Craig', the little smiley face Miss Bianca draws on the ice? When she wants me to face in a particular direction during a pattern or a turn, out comes the marker of doom, and Craig's face appears.

So today, Miss Bianca draws Craig on the ice.

 Someday I need to tell her that I'm an adult. She doesn't have to draw Craig, she can draw an 'X'. But she's spent too much time in with 5 year olds and Craig-face it is. In fact she has "Craigs" drawn on the walls around the ring so her students can spot on Craig through the glass.

She says, "There's your little friend, 'Greg', look at him during the turn."

"That's 'Craig'," I say, "Don't hurt his feelings."

I'm sure Miss Bianca suppressed a roll of her eyes, "Oh, I thought it was Greg, well, face Craig during the turn."

So, I do my FI3,  and when I come out on the back edge, I don't check very well.

"That was okay," Miss Bianca says, "Except you turned your butt towards Craig."

"Well, maybe Craig likes looking at my my butt." I say.

 Craig's a little perv, y'know.

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