Saturday, December 12, 2015

I Have FI3!

At the end of the lesson I finally put together all the little things in forward inside threes.

a. Forward arm should be inside the circle.
b. Free hip should be forward (closed) throughout the turn
c. Free foot in the T position
d. Down up down on the rocker to do the turn
e. Hold the body in an upright position (no bobbing, bending at the hip,  or cringing in fear)

Now, as we all know, skating isn't a checklist based sport. You have to do a-e in both sequence and parallel and suffer through the learning process. I've put my time in. My coach was delighted when it finally happened.
My coach when I did a few FI3 in a row.

 Anyway, the FI3 still needs work. Yeah, like everything else in skating there's never an end of work.  Need to be able to do it in a pattern; need to be able to do it with more power, and I'm sure there's more things to fix. Although my FO3 are solid and in some ways beautiful, and I can do them in a pattern and waltz 3s in a circle, there's always some coach 'thing' about them to fix. ODG, there's always something.

But, hey, coach said my  waltz 3's in a circle whipped around like I was doing the Starlight Waltz.

Whip threes
And I didn't even need a man to hold me up!