Sunday, December 20, 2015

Peer Pressure

Gold Skater came up to me and said "Show me your FI3."
So I showed her my FI3 near the boards. Last week I had the back glide, but today I've got the turn, but the back glide isn't happening today. Typically, I grind to a halt because I hold my free leg away from the body. Yeah, the usual adult bad habit.

Gold Skater showed me an alternate technique for the back edge by holding the free leg forward, then after giving me a few minutes, she convinced me to try it out in the middle.

This is the awkward moment. I have to get over the hump of fear of falling backwards and move from the boards to out in the middle.  Gold Skater ever so tactfully, ever so thoughtfully, ever so toughly, gets my ass out in the middle.  This is called Peer Pressure,

Gold Skater
End of the session, FI3 in the middle, the back outside edges have glide but need work, but hey FI3 in the middle!!
The Triumph of Peer Pressure
Thanks Gold Skater!

Yeah, BO3...they're out there some place in February. 


  1. Awesome - congrats! Sometimes I need a little peer pressure to try new elements too. :)

    1. Gold Skater is my Wonder Woman. I hope you have a Wonder Woman in your skating life too!