Monday, December 7, 2015

Back Threes

Back Threes seem to be my bête noire.  I'm tying to learn them, yet despite the fact I'm this >< close to doing them, my body won't let me.

My back edges run like they're on rails. Dead solid. 

My body. head, and arm position is perfect.

My two foot back threes are, to put it mildly, perfect two foot back threes.

Two coaches have separately told me to just pick up my free foot and do the turn. In their minds, I'm ready.

In my mind---not ready.

So I start with a solid back edge on my own, my coach gives me a hand to do the one foot turn, and I bob.

"You look like a bobbing bird," she says.

That's probably a sign I'm not bending my knees properly so I bend at my hips to keep my center of gravity over my boots.


  1. Think about bending at the ankle before you think about bending at the knee. Hope this helps.

    1. OOoh, that's a tip I haven't heard before. I can't wait to try it. Thanks!

    2. Let me know how it goes! Back Threes are are very much my world right now- they're on the Adult Gold Moves test which I'm working on. You get single ones on Silver and Doubles on Gold, and they will show up a lot in Dance!

  2. My coaches are really into ankle bend too--that, and making sure you allow your body and head to turn first (warning, though, don't try this along with the bobbing bird--scary!) Good luck!

    1. I've got the body and head turn, but I don't trust the turn on the heel.