Sunday, December 13, 2015

2016 Skating Goals and Wrap Up for the Year

I was perusing the wrap up for 2015 over on Eva Bakes blog and decided it's time for me to do my own wrap up, and determine what my resolutions for next year will be.

This year I got all my skating goals completed for .......
Yeah, I haven't updated my resolutions since then
And I am kind of ahead of 2011. I've done Waltz jumps, Mazurkas, FI3, 3's in patterns, and that evil step behind going backwards, and two foot spin, and something resembling a Level III edge push all in 2015. I never even dreamed of doing those in 2011. And some things that happened this year that I never thought about: change edge serpentines (nice ones too!),  beautiful crossovers (the kind of crossover that no one tries to fix, FINALLY!), and out of nowhere a dance coach said something nice about my inside swing rolls.  Yeah, I'm doing okay for the amount of time I put into it, my age, my weight, and my not having skated as a child.

So, now that my 2011 goals are done with, what do I do for 2016?

1. Okay, lift that foot on the spin....moving on.

2. Back edge pulls. I'm ready, I just need more time on ice.

3. Honestly, if I was skating every day I could have back 3's by now, but maybe the first quarter of 2016? Oh, it hurts to be so close.

4. Back figure 8s. I run out of power about 2/3 way through my back 8s, but the edges are solid. This is a time and space availability issue. It's hard to find the space for practicing even on freestyle.

5. Power. I'm 65 in 2016 so it's downhill on power from now on. Yeah, not holding my breath on this one, but maybe I can tweak my power with technique.

6. Don't get injured. ODG, every time I get injured I have to relearn my right mohawk. Sick of relearning that mohawk.  I've relearned it 3 or four times already. On the other hand, I can do an outside mohawk on the right side, so I've learned something over the years.

Which ones do I actually think will happen? 1, 3, and 4. Which ones do I want most to happen? Six.

Let's just say, that if I'm injured this year, I want to tell my orthopedic surgeon, "I was working on my axel, the hardest figure skating jump there is." not, "I slipped walking down a hallway"

This does not happen to figure skaters!


  1. It's not the death rate that is frightening. Like car accidents - it is the terrible injuries and rehabilitation time that is truly scary.

    Your goals achieved are mighty fine - well done indeed!

  2. Eva has got us all thinking about goals! That actually seems like a lot accomplished in only a few years since 2011, especially the back 8s (so hard!) I actually tripped on the sidewalk yesterday and fell. But because I'm so used to falling in skating, I just got a little scratched up. Hope you are fall-proof in 2016.

  3. Thanks for all the credit, but I owe the goal-setting to some prominent coaches on that one! These are wonderful goals, babbette! I wrote an entire post on the Gold MITF a while ago and covered the backwards figure 8. Let me see if I can dig it up for you...

    1. Hmmm - I didn't write as much as I thought I originally did. Let me know if I can provide some additional hints. Check out #5 under Gold MITF.