Sunday, July 10, 2016

Week of July 10

Yes, I'm shallow

It's like an infection or something. Jo over at JoSkates had it too! I've got it two days this week including one day when I have group. And another day week after next too.

Anyway, jury duty would be more fun if it was like figure skating judging.

Prosecutors in tight fitting costumes....yeah, that's an idea. ;-)

Anyway, I read the manual, and the federal guidelines, so if I get picked I am off to do my solemn duty to the best of my ability.



  1. Oh no, not you too! It's just not fair! Well, I have to go in tomorrow at 8:15--I will keep my fingers crossed that (a) I either don't get selected, or (b) that the prosecutor looks like the picture you posted.

  2. We, the jury, find you guilty of toe-pushing. You will be sentenced to working on nothing but edges for two months. :D