Saturday, July 16, 2016

A Spin Surrender

I give up fixing my natural direction spins.

I've been trying to do my 1 foot spins in the 'right' direction for weeks.

I can rip off some darn good two foot spins in the 'good' direction, but can't lift the free foot.

Today I showed my coach where I was, then I did it the opposite direction (which I haven't done in months).

One foot spin right off.

Well centered.


Terrific exit.

Only 1 1/2 rotation.

My coach looked at it. And again and again as she had me repeat it.

So I am officially dropping that stupid natural side spin.....I've gone to the Dark Side of opposite jump and spin directions. I now spin for TeamEvil.

MEH, it's not like I'm going to compete at World's or anything. I surrender.

It's going to be a loooonnng time before that creepy feeling goes away though.


  1. Welcome to the dark side!! Mwahahahahaha!

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  3. Come... Join us... Let the evil flow through you.