Monday, July 11, 2016

Awkward Moments.1

When I'm on Freeskate and the
 Junior Sychro team has an informal practice

When the group coach is assigning something hard
 and looks away from me for a moment

The irrational problems I worry about when I practice spins


  1. So, suppose a person who reads this blog develops a notion that perhaps they know you in real life. Would you prefer that they:

    A) Come up to you and say "Hey, do you sometimes wonder if the ice cares?," because 'small world' moments are kinda neat


    B) Shut up because this is the internet and we're not supposed to know each other.

    Just curious...

    1. Sure go ahead and ask me in person if the "ice does care." But I'm pretty sure you've got someone else in mind. Or you can send me an email.