Thursday, July 28, 2016

Blog Problems

The Ice Doesn't Care is getting hammered by Russian crackers. At some point Blogger will raise the issue of 'too much traffic' for a hobby blog.

If I have to shut it down, I'll try and transfer everything to another blog.

Maybe the Russians think this is Hilary Clinton's email server and are trying to follow Trump's suggestion to crack it.

I may look like her, but I'm not her.

My message to the Russians...


  1. Russians crackers? Is that what it's called when one day your blog has 1000 hits when normally it gets maybe 100? I'm seen this phenomena on both my blogs and the tracker does indicate the source of the traffic in from Russia.

  2. Wow, maybe you both just have lots of Russian fans! :-)

    1. Yow! Does that mean we'll need to take performance enhancing drugs in order to live up to their expectations?!!!