Friday, July 15, 2016

My Moment of Glory

After LTS practice ice, Dance Coach normally announces "Time to Get Off Ice!" But for group this week he was on vacation.

Someone had to announce in his stead, so one of the lady coaches told everyone to get off.

I didn't think people were moving fast enough, so I turned to the coach. "Hey, can I try?"

"Sure," she said, not expecting much.

I should explain that I learned how to do 'command voice' in the military.  It's a technique of projecting your voice across the parade ground to a. gain attention, b. clearly enunciate commands, c. stir people to action.

It's really, really loud.



I'm surprised some of the younger skaters didn't fall off their feet.

When I turned around all the skaters in adult freestyle were standing with their mouths open.

I still got it!

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