Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Yin and Yang of Figure Skating

The Yin of Figure Skating

When I'm on Public Skate and an Ice Tourist 
calls out "HOW DO YOU DO THAT!" to me.

The Yang of Figure Skating

When I'm on Freestyle in the middle of a Pattern with all the 10 year olds with doubles watching.

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  1. once when i was on a public session in the early days of my adult skating career, there was a school group also on the ice and a young (10 or 11 year old) girl came up and asked me, "are you some kind of athlete or somethin'?" i was about to be all self-deprecating, but instead i smiled and said, "yeah."
    so now when i'm on public, even (especially) if i'm not doing so great, i say to myself, "at least one person out here thinks you are an athlete."