Sunday, March 13, 2016

Three Turn Checking (Yet Again!)

Once my coach heard I was doing alternating 3 turns across the rink, she craftily decided to work on my three turn checking.
Evil Three Turn Checking Plan Face
She started with working on my arm position. I tend to just let my arms hang out there with no guidance, and hence my forward three turns end up looking shaped like a clip art heart.

Sadly,  if I get my arms in the right position, something else goes wrong, and I'm not making any progress. Apparently, I'm only able to remember one thing at a time. Arms okay--leg position goes haywire. You know how it goes.

Finally my coach, Miss Bianca says, "You're still not checking the turn. I want you to do the turn and from the very beginning, I want you to keep 'the girls' pointed at the center of the circle."

"The center of the circle is where you usually draw 'Craig'." I say. "So you want me to point my boobs at Craig?"
This is 'Craig'
Miss Bianca snickers (in a very professional coach and lady-like way, I assure you), "Yes," she says.

So, when all I have to do is think about my boobs, my back loses its hunch, my arms assume the correct position, and since I'm not thinking about my arms, I have enough brain cells to manage my legs! Also, I finally felt the 'twist in the waist' my coach was talking about. It's a lot, lot more than I realized.

Then when I got home I practiced my three turn checking by using my figure trimmer

Today, when I woke up, my shoulders and waist ached like I'd been weight lifting. 

Maybe I'm finally on the way to checking those darn turns!

Anyway, I've learned one important thing. If a coach wants me to do something in a turn, tell me where to point my boobs! (How I'm going to tell this to a male coach, no idea.)



  1. My three turns have been exactly as you've described. Today I tried pointing my boobs at Craig on the exit. It worked. Craig gets around, doesn't he?!

    1. Congratulations! You'll never forget that tip will you? It's naughty so people remember.

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  3. ok, so tonight, i had my first ice skating lesson since i was 6. i am now 47. i've been telling my 4 yr. old twins that everyone falls, and they threw this little 3 turn thing at me. somehow, my body can slightly remember what i did when i was six, but there weren't any 3 turns then, as i can recall. yep, i landed on my wrists, and i do believe i may have broken something, so i am quite interested in your wrist brace advice (along with the boob advice .. though i don't know who craig is, yet :) ).... i am looking them up on amazon and i'm trying to find something with metal in it. do you have one in particular you would recommend? i really can't afford to break my main wrist ... as i noticed trying to get the kiddos back into their car seats etc. etc.... thanks for your help.

  4. I took my first ice-skating lesson tonight in 41 years ... yep...they threw this little 3 turn thing at me, and i landed straight on my wrists. i remember falling a lot when i was 5 and 6 and i never remember it hurting, but i may very well have broken something in one of my wrists. i keep telling my 4 yr. old twins that falling is normal, but wow ... i can't afford breaking a wrist ... i could barely get my kids buckled into their car seats tonight. i searched wrist injuries and found your blog. would you mind recommending me a wrist brace. i have now been searching for them on amazon, but i haven't yet seen one with a metal piece in it....and, though i haven't met craig yet, i'm going to try to figure out the boob trick .. maybe that will keep me from breaking both my wrists next week??? thanks for any advice you may have ...