Saturday, March 5, 2016

The Dress for a Test

You order a dress for a test...

Off of Ebay

From a seller you've never used before

But someone on a forum said they had good luck with the seller

Who ships from China

And it doesn't come,

And doesn't come some more.

Then the day before the test, 

a bubble pack, extra large envelope arrives. 

You take out the dress, and try it on.

It has the right amount of sparkle,

The color makes you look 20 years younger

And the fit......

the fit......


Time to go buy some lottery tickets!


  1. That would be lucky!

    The only time I got a China dress, what was clearly billed as an Adult Large (and had tags to say such) was more like a child's small. It got handed down to a 6 year old.

  2. I had that happen with a dance leotard made in the US. Adult Large, would have been too small for a 15 year old

  3. Heavens! I have a hard enough time shopping for clothes when I do get to actually try them; I can't even imagine the stress of buying a skating dress online and hoping for the best. And oh my god, that's Rowan Atkinson in "Blackadder", isn't it?