Sunday, January 3, 2016

Winter has Finally Arrived

I used to live in Minnesota, and I know real winter. I know about snow arriving on Easter Sunday. I know about digging myself out snow drifts that are as high as the top of my car's wheels. I know that I can back uphill, on a snow covered driveway for a quarter of a mile to get to get to the main highway.

But now that I'm old?

Last week it was  Summer Outside-
And Inside the rink It Felt Like SUMMER!

Today It was Below Freezing Outside And With
Two Shirts, a thick jacket below my hips, 
double layer skate pants
Inside the rink It Felt Like.....

 Next Week I'm Skating at an Outdoor Rink

I'm getting wussy in my old age!  


  1. I'm going to bet you live on the east coast. Our weather is so confusing, I'm going to skate in a bathing suit and earmuffs next time. At least then one part of me will be correct.

  2. We are still in Minnesota and the weather has been weird here too. it is into the 30s and it's January, when it would normally be a lot colder. I still bring my down coat to the indoor rink, though. And I am a wimp when it comes to skating outdoors here!