Saturday, January 2, 2016

The Slow Fall

Every coach I've ever had has at one time or another said, "You're a slow faller."

Most people fall like this. But not me.
I get to a point where I'm going to fall and then there is a...pause.

At first, I hang on an edge.  There's no struggle to right myself, no arm waving, I just reach a point where I can't recover  and then gravity seems to stop its pull. It's like it's waiting for an audience for my disaster.

People begin to gather around me and stare.

I  hang. 

My coach stares. 
I  hang.

The rink guard comes over and stares.

I  hang.

Then the little girl doing spins in the center stops and stares.
Finally, when I have gathered a sufficient number of people to observe the fall, gravity resumes its inevitable pull, and I hit the ice.

TA -- DA!

And when I hit the ice, people exclaim, "You're a slow faller!"

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