Friday, January 15, 2016

The Faceplant...on ice

In group last night Dance Coach asked me if I could do 'any' jumps.

"Sure, a Waltz Jump....well more of a hop."

He gives me the coachy wave of the hand indicating "Go ahead."

Stroke onto the forward edge, push up/off/whatever, turn in the air.... and the next thing I know... FACEPLANT!

I'm lying face down on the ice, my hands braced under my shoulders...and fortunately uninjured.

Apparently, not only did I miss the toepick, I may have missed the blade and the whole skate. It happened so fast that my lizard brain took hold of my body and arranged my arms and legs so I didn't get killed, then let my conscious brain take over once I was lying on the ice.

This may not be far off.

Dance Coach skates up to me and I see a look of horror on his face as he bends down to check on me.

I say the only thing I could think of, "Boh'-zhe moy!"*

I got up and finished the lesson. No injuries, felt fine.

Today, I was trying to demonstrate the Waltz Jump at work, wrenched my knee and from that I hurt worse than the fall!  I'll never demonstrate skating stuff on a carpeted floor again!

Boh'-zhe moy! 

*Russian for "Oh, my god!"



  1. I stumbled across your blog tonight. It is such a fun read. My daughter has just entered into the world of freeskate. Thanks for making me laugh!

    1. Welcome, I hope you enjoy skating with your daughter.

  2. OMG indeed. Hope your knee is recovering nicely. No more carpet jumping!

  3. Knee is recovering, there's a bit more snap in some ligament than I like, but hey, my orthopedic surgeon needs a new car...

    1. Oy! Be careful with that knee. I'm suffering through a torn meniscus and do not wish knee injury on anyone.