Saturday, January 9, 2016

Back in Freeskate

Now that the Christmas show is over, the Adult Freeskate group has gone back to its 5 regulars, so the skating director put me back in.

So the 5 of us were hanging around waiting for the group coach to show up. Usually it's one of two women coaches, but now it's Dance Coach.

He gives me a funny look. The last time he saw me weeks ago was in Basic 8.  "Are you in freeskate?" I can't tell if he's asking in disbelief or disappointment. I tell him it's where the skating director puts me (probably because they need 5 to hold the class, so there!)

For warm-up he has us do forward cross-rolls.

Last week I asked my coach, Miss Bianca, if she wanted to see my forward cross rolls and she actually rolled her eyes! "No," she says, "Your cross rolls are perfectly fine. I don't want to see stuff you can do well." (Of course this means my lessons are filled with stuff I suck at, but hey! it's figure skating.)

So we 5 skaters do forward cross rolls across the ice. I'm layin' 'em down like Gregory Hines lays down a shuffle ball change.

After we finish, Dance Coach looks at me in 'concern'. "Can you do forward crossrolls?"

"I just did them. I'm wearing a coat the color of a caution sign, How could you miss me!" This is true. I have on a bright yellow coat that almost glows in the dark.

I swear, the other skaters giggle. And two say, "She just did them."

Dance Coach is undeterred. "Okey, we do them again. This time I look at you."

So we repeat, and Dance Coach says to me, "Very nice." Then he goes, "Next, we do back crossrolls. Can you do back crossrolls?"

Well, no. Dammit. Dance Coach wins this round.

Well played Dance Coach.


  1. Not fair! Back cross rolls are so much harder!

  2. thank you, very very funny. I like Dance Coaches version of English, it made it better!