Friday, January 29, 2016

Blade Guards/Hard Guards for Figure Skates

If you've just bought your first skates there are 3 things you will need: Soakers, blade rags, and blade guards. So to that bill for your first skates, you'll need to add another $40.

Blade guards come in two type: centipede and 'universal'.

My first blade guards were the centipede type. The advantage to these is you don't have to cut them to size them. If you look carefully, you can see that little plastic loop that goes over the heel of the blade makes it adjustable. That was the down fall of these guards for me. The little plastic loop went flying the second time I put them on and the guards went into the trash.

I just want to add that I have never seen a figure skater wearing these guards. This might be a local thing, but I only see the 'universal' type.

The 'universal' type is made of two pieces of plastic guards connected by springs that are screwed into the plastic.  They generally have to be cut to size them to your skats. I've bought different brands and one brand (nameless) didn't have very good springs or screws. After a few wears the screw would fly off taking the spring with it.   Anyway, always remember the brand of guards you buy and if the springs go flying, don't buy that brand again. I learned my lesson.

 Let's just say, that if you want to use the kinds of guards, you can find them that light up, that smell (fruity or minty), pearl finish, gel finish, glitterfied, crystalized, and ones that change color based on the temperature!
The Rockerz are a variation of the universal type; in that they've changed the outline and offer a sizing service along with custom color selections.
Rockerz--heavier than the regular universal type
There are some one-offs too. The Kootzu (which looks fantastic, but requires a hacksaw to put together), and Skaboots (designed for hockey but works for figure skates). If you frequently need to hike through the parking lot with your skates on because you left something in the car, these would be worth looking at. I understand some coaches drive in their skates--skaboots might work for that.

I gotta say, I'd love to try a bunch of these out (especially the skaboots and Kootzu and the chameleon universal) but I just bought some Rockerz (pink and orange) so I'm done for now.


  1. Hi,
    Just an FYI ---

    I too have the universal guards. They took some getting used to because since I was a kid and all the years I skating in shows, we all had and used the centipede type. I guess they are just the old style now. The universal guards seem to be much sturdier.

  2. Mine are the "universals" now too--oooh, I have not seen the ones that change color, but I may have to jazz it up a little now that I know I have the option.

  3. My husband and I both have the (cheaper) centipede type and they've worked great for us. Our daughter went through a couple of pairs of the universal type and they never fit right (cut poorly?) the spring would rust. We got her the Rockerz and she loves them b/c she uses stairs a lot at her rink and the Rockerz have a wider base. Also, it seems they are gentler on her blades.

  4. Well, I might be the only person in the world with not one, but two! pairs of the old Centipede style guards. Mine are 80's vintage though, and have metal springs covered with a plastic sleeve that goes over the heel. Rockerz and their friends scare me...all that cutting! I know that no one will steal my guards (plus they're inked all over with my name, former skating club and former precision team). They don't light up or smell or change color, but they've lasted me nearly 30 years. Not giving them up!

    1. I bet they made the guards better 30 years ago! I've seen pictures and the old ones have a metal spring loop to hook over the blade, and now I only see an elastic loop.