Friday, September 4, 2015

"Will No One Rid Me Of This Troublesome Dance?" -- Henry II

From the USFS rule book:

MUSIC: Tango 4/4
TEMPO: 26 four-beat measures per minute; 104 beats per minute
COMPETITION INTRODUCTION: 32 beats, 18.5 seconds
PATTERN-TIMING: 1 = :16; 2 = :32; 3 = :48; 4 = 1:05
DURATION:  Test 2 = :32  Competition 3 = :48  Adult Solo Dance Competition 2 = :32
TEST: Preliminary
The Canasta Tango is skated in Reversed Kilian position, and both partners skate the same steps. It is a dance consisting of forward edges only and introduces the tango rhythm to skaters at the preliminary test level.
Particular attention should be given to the skating of the chassé at Step 4, and the two slide chassés at Steps 7 and 10. The use of appropriate knee action on the slide chassés can help in expressing the tango rhythm.
Note that Step 14 may be started, optionally, with a cross stroke. A stroking action by the left foot should be evident and a toe push is to be avoided.
Neat footwork, good edges, tango expression, extension and good carriage should be maintained throughout the dance.
INVENTOR: James B. Francis
FIRST PERFORMED: The University Skating Club, Toronto, Canada, 1951
Okay, so far, so good. Let's look at the pattern.
Man, that's only laughs I'll get out of this dance.


  1. So, I just got out my 90-91 era USFSA rulebook. That error is not present- the step is correctly labelled as an RFI. Sometimes older is better!

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