Friday, September 25, 2015

What's Your Experience With Newly Sharpened Blades?

A. It feels like you're dragging your fee on the ice

B. It kills your crossovers

C.You beg your coach not to make you learn something new

D. You're cool with it

E. You Can't STOP!


  1. C....definitely C-the last time I had my skates sharpened it was on a family trip. We got back later than planned the night before a local basic skills competition where I was helping and my daughter was competing. So, I was busy racing from spot to spot and didn't think about the freshly sharpened skates. Until I stepped on the ice for power class. Oh. My. Word. Substitute coach so lots of new drills, the skates, etc. all combined to make me question my judgment in doing the class.

  2. Definitely D. Every time.


  3. D. But it used to be E. Now I just get them sharpened frequently so I don't feel the difference. Of course that's easy when it's my coach who sharpens and the machine is in the rink. Back when we had the 45 minute drive it was another story.....

  4. Funny funny pictures! I'm with E! Or maybe it's "Aiiieeeee!"