Monday, September 14, 2015

The Tailbone Fall X 2

So about 3 weeks ago I fell on a back edge and landed on my tailbone. After I've been really improving  my skating, really fast, I have a major fall.


I want you to know how noble I was. I was on the back edge on public, when a little girl in a sweater with a bunny on it, skated in the wrong direction right at me. In other words, she was heading clockwise on a counter clockwise session. I was in her way.

I couldn't stop. She was just suddenly *there*. I twisted my body in trying to avoid her, but instead I just dropped straight down on my ass.

This is every bit as painful as it look
 Let me just tell you that I'm being really nice by not including a picture of how doctors do surgery to operate on your coccyx.  You've heard the expression "tear you a new asshole?" Yeah, that. I think it would be better to suffer with the broken tailbone than go through the recovery for that surgery.

Anyway, it's gradually improved. I'm sure its not broken, and I'm sure it's not a bruised bone. It's take the last few weeks for this to heal up. I could touch my toes and straighten up without a  major pain in my tushie.

So, I take a lesson on Sunday. The ice is horrible. The local minor league team had a game before public and the ice technician just sort of drove the resurfacer around the ice while whistling Dixie. Gouges, lumps, rough surface (did he use cold water or what?).

So, yes just as I'm doing a back edge, I hit some gouge, lump or roughness and go down on the same butt spot as before. My coach was looking right at me and she has no idea why I fell, and neither do I. I was on this amazingly solid back outside edge, and still went down.

But THIS TIME, I have a hip pad protecting the  tail bone area.

It still hurt.

But it didn't make me any worse.

After this second fall, my coach told me that she had fallen on kids twice, once during an LTS class she was coaching, and it didn't hurt them at all.  


  1. Ouch! My sympathies. Years ago I damaged my tailbone in a skiing accident (hit by a big man in an orange jumpsuit going down a run). I remember its being really painful to skate afterwards. Hope you heal quickly!

  2. I try to think of the kids as potential crash mats, but never seem to follow through.

    Hope things improve soon.

    1. Me either. One of these days some clueless kid is going to cripple me.

  3. Heal quickly and get back on that edge!