Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Standing XBX: My Warmup with Skates On

I previously wrote about the XBX program that I do every day, and how I use it for off ice warmup.  It's a great warmup with standing and prone components. Unfortunately, there are times the exercise room is booked so I figured out how to do my  warmup standing on the mats outside the rink where there's no people. I did my best to match the XBX exercises, by changing the prone exercises to standing.

And I do it with skates on. No guards.

I'll list the exercises in order, there's a chart at the bottom of the page with the levels. I'm on level 18. I should be finished with this chart in a couple of weeks.

Exercise 1: Toe Touches--go down touch toes, come up a few inches, touch toes again, come up to standing. I start and end with my arms over my head.

Exercise 2: Knee Lifts. Alternate knees to chest.
Exercise 3: Side stretch: Stretch my hand to my knee, come up a couple of inches, go to the knee again, return to standing. Do the other side.

Exercise 4: Arm Circles. Circle my arms forward the required number of times, then backwards.

Exercise 5: Standing Ab Crunches. I've tried several variants. But none of them make me happy. This is the most challenging.

This is the easier one. In skates I prefer this one. I squeeze the hell out of my abs when I do this one.

Exercise 6: Back Stretch (Standing Locust). This feels great. Stretch, straighten, repeat.
Exercise 7: Side Leg raises. Lift leg to the side, return to floor. Repeat. I do one side at a time. The count in the chart is the total for both legs. So if it's 18 in the chart, I do 9 a side.
Exercise 8. Standing Pushups. This is good for building endurance. Although I don't feel very challenged.
There are stairs in the rink area, so I'm switching to incline pushups if my skates don't interfere.

Exercise 9: Leg Crosses to Hand. I can't find this pictured anywhere, so I have to build up the steps.

I stand with feet apart arms out.
I swing one leg across my body, and up, so that I can touch my hand to my skate. I do this with much more form than the woman in the picture below, and I keep my arms out shoulder height. All I have to do is slightly reach my hand forward and touch the skate as it comes up to shoulder height.
When I do this exercise, it scares people.

Exercise 10 is aerobic. I just get on the ice. 

Here's the chart I'm using. I think I'll continue to use these exercises for off ice warmup standing even though I'm progressing to Chart III in a few weeks. I may make some modifications, but this really gets the blood flowing and the muscles ready to skate.

Exercises 8A and 8B aren't relevant here.


  1. Why do you do them with your skates on? What extra benefits do you get?

    1. Well, the extra weight really raises the intensity of the leg moves. Also, if I put my boots on, then when I'm doing the exercises I can can step on the ice immediately after I finish. Finally, if I'm exercising with my boots on, no one interrupts me, because well, I'm in my boots and that's sacred time.