Sunday, October 12, 2014

When I 'Suddenly' Have a Skill: Back Crossovers

Over the last 3 weeks I've gone from crappy, stiff, chunky, lacking decent cross back crossovers to damn fine back crossovers.

I know you're thinking "Haven't you had back crossovers for years?"

Okay, okay okay, my coach, Miss Bianca, has been patiently crafting my body so I sit back (and what seems an upright position) while I'm doing my back crossovers, and I get a real no-kidding cross, and when I do the push under there is NO TOEPICKingness and I push with the pinky toe (with extension) so the pinky is .......

Last thing to leave the ice.
I don't know what Miss Bianca thinks. Maybe she thinks "Oh, God, we've been working on these for years," and I just manage to blank the experiences out of my memory. I'm thinking, "Oh, God, we've been working on these since about July."

Since yesterday, I've been able to whip in to my back crossovers from just about any position, and step out of them into the circle and out of the circle; With control and without thinking about them. They've just become natural extensions of my skating skills. Honestly, one week, crap; next week, miracle.

Hey! I've got back progressives too! Just one day they sort of appeared, like a puppy on the front porch!

Ready for back progressives in waltz hold?

Miss Bianca appears to have noticed. Yesterday she taught me how to do a back crossover entrance into a scratch spin.

Of course, my spins are like this:
So, the world is not all crackers and cheese after all.


  1. No fair! - I think your spin is faster than mine. And it is centred. I'm so jealous.

    Congratulations on nailing crossovers!

  2. Congratulations!!!! Glad it all finally clicked.