Saturday, October 4, 2014

Boot Fit II: The Heel

I've had trouble with the heel of my foot fitting into the heel of my right boot with every pair. Last week my coach showed me a quick tip to help with that.

Basically, it's to put something--a piece of leather, or lambswool, or stiff felt--behind the boot tongue before you lace it up.
No, don't use a kitten!
Yep, do the same thing as you'd do for lace bite.

What happens then is the heel is pushed back into the heel counter of the boot, and I get a little extra room in the toe.

I experimented and now I use a combination of lambswool and a couple of cheap cosmetic sponges. I want to use a gel lace bite pad, but they appear to be out of stock.

The position I put the pad in is right at the ankle, my coach puts hers a little higher up.

Yes, it does work!
It just takes a bit of fiddling
to find the right spon!


  1. I've come to the same conclusion but via a bunga pad produce called a "bunga boot bumper" : My once slipping heels (particularly in my left boot) are now snug as bugs in a rug. Additionally, if I get the placement just right the bunga boot bumper also holds the drug store tailor's bunion gel thingy in place on the outer side of my right foot. I could enthrall you with a more complete list of my foot and boot conundrums but I think this is sufficient for one comment!

    1. I'd looked at that, but I needed something else, I ended up using a gel insole for a workboot and just trimming it to fit. The right thickness and the right stiffness--cheap too!

  2. Hmmm, good tip. Might try that in my right boot, although the heel slippage situation has got better since I put some heel cushions in to help with a completely different foot problem.